Through natural bentonite reserves in the world and in our country is limited, it is too hard to provide sufficient and cheap bentonite so special additives are added to low quality calcium bentonite during the production process in order to increase its yield. Besides, due to disadvantages of said additives,application area of  treated bentonite is too  few and they require much consumption.For this reason our company is manufacturing treated bentonite by adding % 0,1-0,5 special polymers to decrease the disadvantages of treated bentonite  as much as possible.


22,5 gr KAR-YBEN Bentonite
350 ml of distilled water suspension, test results

600 RPM Reading, Fann 35 viscometer 30 min.
Filitrate Volume 15 ml. max.
Yield 90 bbl. min.
Moisture content %10 max. (by weight)
Residue on 200 M. wet screen analysis %2,5 max. (by weight)
Yield Point/Plastic viscosity ratio (Yp/Pv) 3 max.


The only common usage area of treated bentonite KAR-YBEN and natural bentonite KAR-BEN is drilling. Quantity and the quality of additive is very important so KAR-YBEN is manufactured by adding 0,1- 5 %special polymers to insufficient quality bentonite.


  • 50 kg multilayer paper bags, loose and palletized.
  • 1000 kg-1200 kg bigbags.
  • Bulk by Silo Trailer.